You know what’s wrong with the hip, modern web? Not enough Easter eggs. Secrets are awesome, so let’s give our site a secret code with KodenamiJS, a plugin I wrote to add some excitement. It’s fun, and any visitor who finds it will love you forever. Don’t let all that muscle memory go to waste!

Try the demo…

Step 1. Clone KodenamiJS

Afterwards, move js/kodenami-X.X.js into your scripts directory.

$ git clone
cloning the repo

Step 2. Add Script to HTML

(It needs jQuery, so include that first.)

<script src="js/kodenami-X.X.js"></script>
add the script tag

Step 3. Hide Easter Egg

Open kodenami-X.X.js and put what you want to happen when someone enters the code in onSuccess().

code the Easter egg

That’s it! Your site is now 69% more rad. Check it out…


::enters code::


KodenamiJS. Because you can’t beat the web with just 3 lives.

Jasmyn Weatherhead has made hundreds of apps. If you need help with yours she’d love to hear from you.

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